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Celebrate Life - Moments SS 2014 [limited edition]

Feat: Angela, Bobi
Photo: Zarko Culik
HMU: Panache

For the new edition of Celebrate life I drew 10 illustrations, but still decided to keep only the most important moments which are of great value for me in the past months, the sun, the sunrise and sunset marking the birth of a new day or an ending filled with many challenges and moments. Once again, I included dance and play elements, this time presented through a dog. Dogs are always happy and in the mood for games. There are no manipulations or lies which people use to like someone, they don’t pretend to be someone else just to get attention. Their honesty and constant happiness fascinates me all the time.

The t-shirt with the sun illustration is printed with fluorescent color which reminds us of the sunset, and the one with the dog is black and white, just like my dog.

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